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Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy
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Omuki Saka

Department of Yoga studies, Naropa University, Nigeria

  • Opinion   
    A Short Review: The Impact of Mindfulness Meditation on Adult levels of Hostility and Violence
    Author(s): Omuki Saka*

    Violence and aggression are severe issues that cost a lot of money and have a big influence on people's lives. The potential for mindfulness interventions to reduce levels of violence and aggression has piqued people's interest. Interpersonal relationships those are strained or damaged. Physical harm as a result of a proclivity towards fighting, risky or reckless practises, such as aggressive driving, can result in physical injury. Mental health diseases begin or worsen. Even without any improved executive control abilities, three weeks of daily meditation practise lowered violent behaviour significantly. These findings show that meditation reduces violence by reducing direct motivations to harm others. Emotional education, improved self-control, and problem-solving abilities are further approaches for reducing aggressiveness, particularly in teenagers who exhibit impulsivity .. View More»

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