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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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Muhammad Aslam

Department of Neurophysiology, KOC University, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Research Article   
    Use of TSD (Time Space Determinant) Maze, CSS or CLOSE Maze to Measure Spatial Navigation, Working Memory, Reference Memory, Memory Errors, Locomotors Activity and Anxiety Like Behavior in Rats
    Author(s): Muhammad Aslam*

    The Open field maze was one of the utmost frequently used platforms for assessment of behavioral profile of model animals. Initially an open-field use was defined in Hall and Ballechey’s 1932 paper, “a study of the rat’s behavior in a field: A contribution to method in comparative psychology”. Open Field Test (OFT) was a modest apparatus used in the evaluation of anxiety, exploration, and locomotion activity. TSD (Time Space Determinant) maze, CSS or CLOSE maze was recently developed in our laboratory aimed to find the cells involved in earlier food seeking in rats given food stimulus in short and long pathway. However, it demonstrates relatively optimal test that provide various information of behavior ranging from motor activity, emotionality, navigation, cognition and memory of tested animal. Open Field Test (OFT) was used in the evaluation of limited behavi.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2161-0495.23.13.527

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