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Marc Labelle

Department of Okanagan Nation Alliance, West Bank, Canada

  • Research Article   
    Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Kokanee and Sockeye Salmon Spawners in a Stream Using Visual Survey Data, 2003-2017
    Author(s): Marc Labelle, Richard Bussanich* and Ryan Benson

    A Maximum Likelihood estimation procedure was developed for the joint assessment of resident kokanee and anadromous sockeye salmon in the Okanagan River, British Columbia. The model uses visual survey counts and is an extension of other areaunder- the type models used for estimation of salmon escapement. Alternative hypotheses were tried concerning observation error structure, arrival times, and survival patterns for a common observer efficiency estimate. The final model is described here, with information on setting bounds and constraints for parameter estimation, comparisons made and the results obtained. Estimates of abundance and approximate confidence intervals are comparable to those obtained from other investigations. Since 2001, Sockeye accounted from 6%-38% of the spawners, with no evidence from surveys and estimates to indicate kokanee are negatively im.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2150-3508.21.12.277

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