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Maira Cardillo

Active Citizenship Network, c/o Cittadin, Italy

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    A Civic Audit to Monitor Oncological Facilities across Italy: an Advocacy Tool in Line with the New Ambitious EU4Health Programme
    Author(s): Mariano Votta*, Valeria Fava and Maira Cardillo

    Across the world, oncological and chronic patients, including people affected by Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) have been left almost alone for a while now, and at the end of the emergency, we will count not only the deaths due to Covid-19, but also the number of people who died because they did not have a chance access the care that they needed. For instance, just talking about cancer, on the occasion of Cancer Patients' Day (May 17, 2020) some data were presented in Italy, showing how new cancer diagnoses have decreased by 52%, surgeries have been delayed in 64% of cases, and medical examinations in hospitals have decreased by 57%. EU4Health is not only the EU’s response to COVID-19, which has had a huge impact on medical and healthcare staff, patients, and health systems in Europe. The EU4Health programme will also focus mainly on urgent health priorities such as the fig.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2327-4972.21.10.262

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