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Kalin N. Vidinov

Department of Endocrine Ophthalmology, Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria

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    OCT-A Characteristics of Neo-vascular Membranes in Wet AMD-Possible Correlation to the Prognosis
    Author(s): Christina Vidinova*, Dafina P. Antonova, Pravoslava T. Guguchkova and Kalin N. Vidinov

    Background: OCT-A is a new imaging modality that provides the opportunity for noninvasive characterization and quantification of the microvasculature in wet AMD. Purpose: The purpose of our study is to outline the different OCT-A characteristics of neovascular membranes in AMD in regard to their correlation with the effect of treatment and prognosis. Methods: In our study 42 patients with wet AMD were enrolled. They were divided in 3 groups: 25 with Type 1 membranes (under RPE), 11 patients with Type 2 membranes and 6 with Type 3 RAP lesions. They all underwent a complete ophthalmological examination including VA, fundus photography, structural OCT (Rtvue, Optovue) and OCT-A (Angiophlex, Zeiss). All of the patients were treated with aflibercept (Eylea)-3 injections. They all were evaluated after the thir.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-0870.21.s12.004

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