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Journal of Clinical Trials
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Jianchen Zu

Department of Health Research, Jinan University, Hunan Province, Changsha, China

  • Mini Review   
    Update on Proximal Hypospadias Repair Techniques
    Author(s): Liu, Jing Tang, Jianchen Zu and Xiangwen Peng*

    Hypospadias refers to the incomplete closure of the penis structure during embryonic development and the displacement of the urethral opening along the ventral side of the penis to form a deformity. The incidence rate is the second most common congenital disease in men after cryptorchidism. Studies reported that hypospadias is a multifactorial disease, which is closely related to genetic mutations, endocrine, environmental and chromosomal factors. The main clinical manifestations of children with hypospadias are ectopic urethral orifice, abnormal curvature of the penis and accumulation of dorsal foreskin, and severe cases are often combined with other systemic malformations. Surgery is the only means of treatment. Domestically, it is believed that the operation should be completed before school age. As long as the anesthesia is safe and the local conditions of the penis are good, the .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-0870.22.12.496

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