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Journal of Clinical Trials
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Hirsch Roberto

Department of Infectology, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Caba, Argentina

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    Safety and Efficacy of the Combined Use of Ivermectin, Dexamethasone, Enoxaparin and Aspirina against COVID-19 the I.D.E.A. Protocol
    Author(s): Carvallo Hector* and Hirsch Roberto

    From the first outbreak in Wuhan (China) in December 2019, until today (05/28/2020), the number of deaths worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic exceeded 2.5 millions. Only in Argentina, 50,000 deaths have been confirmed so far. There haven’t been so far any clear diagnostic pattern for this exceptional entity except unilateral skin involvement, early onset of symptoms, positive ANA and negative tests for Borrelia burgdorferi. Hence, we report a new case of a young Moroccan man. No treatment tested worldwide has shown unquestionable efficacy in the fight against COVID-19, according to W.H.O, NIH and NICE reports and accumulated data. Our proposal consists of the combination of drugs, based on the pathophysiology of the virus. We have designed a treatment called I.D.E.A., based on four affordable drugs already available on the pharmacopoeia in Argentina, on the following ratio.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-0870.21.11.459

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