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Geetika Gupta

Department of Biotechnology, Anand Engineering College, Keetham, Uttar Pradesh, India

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    Analogues of 4-Hydroxypanduratin-A and Panduratin-A Serve as Potential Inhibitors against Ns2b/Ns3 Protease
    Author(s): Pramod Gware* and Geetika Gupta

    The high impact of diseases caused by dengue viruses on global health is now reflected in an increased interest in the identification of drug targets and the rationale-based development of antiviral inhibitors which are suitable for a causative treatment of severe forms of dengue virus infections dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome. A promising target for the design of specific inhibitors is the dengue virus NS3 serine protease which in the complex with the small activator protein NS2B-catalyses processing of the viral polyprotein at a number of sites in the nonstructural region. The NS3 protease is an indispensable component of the viral replication machinery and inhibition of this protein offers the prospect of eventually preventing dengue viruses from replication and maturation. To this effect, several computational approaches were applied in this work. In.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35841/2161-0517.22.11.224

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