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Gable, G

Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Patras, Greece

  • Short Communication   
    Short Notes on Monographic Graphs
    Author(s): Gable, G

    The study of monophonic convexity is predicated on the family of iatrogenic ways of a graph. The closure of a set X of vertices, during this case, contains each vertex v specified v belongs to some iatrogenic path linking 2 vertices of X. Such a closure is termed monophonic closure. Likewise, the bulging hull of a set is termed monophonic bulging hull. during this work we tend to upset the machine quality of determinative necessary convexity parameters, thought-about within the context of monophonic convexity. Given a graph G, we tend to target 3 parameters: the dimensions of a most correct bulging set of G (m-convexity number); the dimensions of a minimum set whose closure is up to V(G) (monophonic number); and therefore the size of a minimum set whose bulging hull is up to V(G) (m-hull numbe.. View More»

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