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Emin Zümrütdal

Department of Chemistry, General Surgeon, Volunteer Researcher, Adana, Turkey

  • Short Communication   
    A Short Communication on Antiviral Property of Potassium Hydroxide
    Author(s): Emin Zümrütdal*

    Viral disease outbreaks, especially COVID-19, have seriously affected people. There is no specific curative treatment for viral diseases yet. Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is a very small but effective molecule that is reactive, alkaline and especially destructive to lipids. Fatal injuries associated with the accidental use of KOH have left dreaded clinical memories in humans. The antiviral activity of KOH was designed for the respiratory system and the results of the study are quite remarkable. In this study, different effects of KOH were investigated by in vitro and in vivo studies. In the results obtained, alkalinizing, mucolytic, potential lipid destruction findings of KOH were shown. In addition, the affinities of KOH to COVID-19 spike glycoprotein, hAGE2 and Hemophilus influenza neurominidase enzyme active sites were shown. Demonstrating t.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/2327-4972.22.11.125

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