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Chantal Pichon

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  • Review Article   
    MicroRNAs in Skin Biology: Biogenesis, Regulations and Functions in Homeostasis and Diseases
    Author(s): Florence Abdallah* and Chantal Pichon*

    The progression in science gives novel and deeper understandings of human beings organisms. The Human Genome Project uncovered about 20,500 human genes. More recently, non-coding RNAs saw the light and gained researchers interest. Among the different subsets of these non-coding RNAs, microRNAs were identified as 18-25 nucleotides long and have been shown to play critical regulatory roles in a wide range of cellular processes. Emerging studies highlighted the importance of miRNAs in health and in disease. Ten years ago, the role of miRNAs in cutaneous system has been established from skin formation in early life to skin homeostasis maintenance. In addition, a deregulated miRNAs profile was shown to cause major skin disorders. Herein, in this review, a global discussion and findings of the different aspects of miRNAs biology will be covered with a focus on the role of miRNAs in skin bio.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/1745-7580.19.15.169

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