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Aschalew Nega Teferi


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    Physicochemical Analysis and Determination of the Levels of Some Heavy Metals in Honey Samples Collected from Three District Area of East Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
    Author(s): Aschalew Nega Teferi

    This study analysis physicochemical property and some heavy metals levels of honey from the three-district area of East Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia. The samples were collected purposively from the most potential beekeeping Woredas namely Debre Markos, Dejen, and Bicheno. The results of pH, electric conductivity, moisture, total solids, ash content, free acidity, reducing sugar, total sugar, non- reducing sugar were found to be 3.98-4.12, 0.35-0.65 mS/cm, 17.5-18.19%, 81.8- 82.3%, 0.09-0.26%, 35.3-46.6 mg/kg, 45.1-63.8%, 61.4-68.1%,and 4.30-16.51%, respectively. Some of the levels of heavy metal contents were determined by using flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS). The optimized wet digestion method for honey sample analysis was found to be efficient for the metals determined and it was validated through the recovery experiment and a good per.. View More»

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