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Journal of Bone Research
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Andrea Messori

Department of Pharmacology, HTA Unit, University of Firenze, Florence, Italy

  • Short Communication   
    Current Treatments for Advanced or Metastatic Osteosarcoma: Indirect Comparisons Based on Individual Patient Data Reconstructed Retrospectively from 5 Trials
    Author(s): Andrea Messori*

    Well-established regimens of standard chemotherapy are considered the standard of care for patients with advanced or metastatic osteosarcoma, but results are generally disappointing. In the past few years, however, novel treatments have been tested in clinical trials and deserve to be comparatively evaluated. Our objective was to review the current data of effectiveness for these new agents based on the end-point of Overall Survival (OS). The Shiny technique was employed for reconstructing individual patient data. A standard Cox statistics was run to estimate the Hazard Ratios (HRs) for pairwise comparisons. After a standard literature search, four new treatments were identified (regorafenib, cabozantinib, apatinib plus camrelizumab, pembrolizumab). Evidence on effectiveness for these treatments was available from 5 phase-II clinical trials; Kaplan-Meier curves of OS were av.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2572-4916-22.10.157

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