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Journal of Defense Management
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Ali Dizboni

Department of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada, Egypt

  • Research Article   
    Towards Building a Missile Proliferation Theory: The Moment of BallisticConsciousness and the Tactical Rationale
    Author(s): Ali Dizboni*

    Ballistic missile proliferation in the Middle East can stem from a need to overcome specific military vulnerabilities that correlate with ineffective armed forces. This ineffectiveness could be both intentional and unintentional. Intentional, in the sense that the political leadership can deliberately decrease the effectiveness of the national military institutions when it perceives that the main threat to the regime security is domestic rather than foreign. Accordingly, the procurement of unmanned systems of delivery such as ballistic missiles resembles a golden ticket to compensate for the inherent military vulnerability associated with coup-proofing practices. Military ineffectiveness could also be unintentional if the state has no sustainable access to efficient and effective air force crafts, spare parts, ammunition and training, and in this case, relying on ballistic missiles as.. View More»

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