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Ali Berk

Department of Primary Mathematics Education, Sakarya University,, Turkey

  • Opinion Article   
    The Mathematics Teaching of Preschool Teachers
    Author(s): Ali Berk*

    Teacher effectivity may be outlined as teachers’ beliefs in their talents to arrange and execute courses of action necessary to give birth to desired results. though beliefs and content information, particularly teaching arithmetic effectivity beliefs area unit vital factors in teacher coaching. This analysis aims to work out educational institution teachers’ effectivity beliefs regarding arithmetic teaching victimization the arithmetic Teaching effectivity Belief Instrument (MTEBI) developed and custom-made to Turkish. Findings indicated that academics have low effectivity beliefs on teaching arithmetic and most of the topic powerfully in agreement that they might typically teach arithmetic inefficaciously. Also, there was a big distinction amongst academics’ effectivity beliefs on teaching arithmetic and their years of expertise in favor of educational institution .. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/1314-3344.21.11.143

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