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Zameer Ul Asar

Zameer Ul Asar


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    Left Atrial Appendage Morphology, Does it Matter?
    Author(s): Abdul Wajd Khan Faisal, Deepak Kumar Mishra and Zameer Ul AsarAbdul Wajd Khan Faisal, Deepak Kumar Mishra and Zameer Ul Asar

    Background: Left atrial appendage is the commonest site of clot formation in patients with mitral stenosis. Left atrial appendage has different shapes in different patients. Does this morphological variation predispose to clot formation? needs to be studied. Material and methods: Transesophageal echo was performed. Left atrial appendage’s width and depth was noted in midesophageal position, short axis view. Presence or absence of clot in LAA and patient’s rhythm was noted. Results: Sixty four patients having mitral stenosis underwent transesophageal echo 8 (12.5%) patients had LAA more wide than deep, 4 (6.25%) patients had width and depth of LAA equal, 52 (81.25%) patients had depth of LAA greater than width. 20 (31.25%) patients were having clot in LAA. Eight (40%) of them were in atrial fibrillation .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9880.1000542

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