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Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
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William A. Anong

William A. Anong
School of Health Sciences,
601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (406 F.L Atkins) Winston Salem, North Carolina 27110

  • Research Article
    Stable Ionized Calcium Concentration in Uncapped Plasma Samples
    Author(s): Victoria Richardson, Quinnita Reid and William A. AnongVictoria Richardson, Quinnita Reid and William A. Anong

    Background: Blood ionized calcium (iCa) concentration has been shown to be pH dependent. In the clinical laboratory, plasma specimen for iCa measurement is routinely rejected when exposed to air prior to analysis. A preanalytical variable such as specimen exposure to air is believed to alter the pH and consequently the iCa concentration. Specimen exposure leads to the loss of carbon dioxide resulting in an increase pH and decrease iCa concentration. The purpose of this study is to investigate the rate at which these changes affect iCa concentration. We hypothesize that the changes are slow and insignificant to warrant the rejection of plasma specimen. Methods: Appropriately collected whole blood specimen were centrifuged and analyzed for iCa concentration per laboratory procedure on AVL by Roche. The first, at time zero and subsequent measureme.. View More»

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