Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters

Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters
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Thomas Marler. E

Thomas Marler. E

Western Pacific Tropical Research Center College of Natural and Applied Sciences University of Guam USA

 He received a Doctoral Degree (PhD) from University of Florica. He is a graduated form Mississippi State University, with an immediate post-graduation from Mississippi State University. His research interests lie in Environmental physiology of terrestrial plants, Horticultural practices on Guam He is the Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Board Member of many peer reviewed journals and his area of expertise credits him with many publications in national and international journals. many books. 
Research Interest

 His research program at the University of Guam is based on two general areas of research: environmental physiology of terrestrial plants and horticultural practices on Guam. The major focus of the environmental physiology research is targeted at understanding the responses of plants to the typical abiotic stresses of the Mariana Islands. This work is primarily whole plant physiology. The horticultural research aims at improving production practices of tropical fruit species and native woody perennial tree species.

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