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    Prediction of Uncertainty Using the Third Generation Wave Model WAVEWATCH III Driven By ERA-40 and Blended Winds in the North Indian Ocean
    Author(s): Swain J and Umesh PASwain J and Umesh PA

    Simulation of waves in North Indian Ocean using ERA-40 and QuikSCAT/NCEP blended winds over 1° × 1° grid resolutions has been realised globally as well regionally using the third-generation wave model WAVEWATCH III (WWIII). Moreover, the model performance was evaluated by quantifying the uncertainty`s. So, WWIII simulations have been carried out for the North Indian Ocean from 50°E to 100°E and 0°N to 30°N with the past analysed winds (hindcasting) and the boundary conditions from the global run. The model outputs such as significant wave height (Hs) and mean wave period (Tc) are compared with the buoy measurements. To assess the performance, various statistical errors have been estimated by validating the model results against moored buoy data in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. The validation of WWIII with buoy measurements gave promising results for .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2572-3103.1000173

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