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Soumya MS

Soumya MS


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    Preclinical Evaluation of Symmetrical Diiodinated Squaraine Dye on Experimental Animal Models
    Author(s): Soumya MS and Annie AbrahamSoumya MS and Annie Abraham

    Photodynamic therapy involves administration of a tumor localizing photosensitizing agent, followed by the activation of the agent by light of a specific wavelength. This therapy results in a sequence of photochemical and photobiological processes that cause irreversible photo damage to the tumor tissue. Only a few photosensitizers have received official approval around the world. But they are with some adverse side effects. Because of these draw backs search for new photosensitizers is in progress. The dye selected in our study- Symmetric diiodinated squaraine- is one of these newly developed photosensitizers. We have examined the in vivo distribution of the dye on normal and skin tumor induced animal models to check the retention time of the dye. The mechanism of action of photosensitizers in selective killing of cancer cells involves the generation of oxidative stress whereby the mali.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-958X.S1-003

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