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Smriti Kanangat

Smriti Kanangat
Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics,
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  • Review Article
    The Conundrum on the Role of Transforming Growth Factor Beta Superfamily with Reference to Follistatin Related Gene FSTL3 in Breast Cancer Metastasis
    Author(s): Smriti KanangatSmriti Kanangat

    Carcinogenesis is fundamentally the result of abnormalities in cell division functions, leading to unabated proliferation of cells. The key to finding a “cure” for all forms of cancer is to understand the fundamental genetic mechanisms of lack of cell cycle control, and to understand the genetics of immune response (how tumor escapes the immune surveillance) towards cancer cells so that one can start developing effective immune-based therapeutics such as the currently popular immune-checkpoint therapeutics. This review focuses on the role of Transforming Growth Factor-Beta (TGF-β) signaling pathways in molecular pathogenesis is of cancer along with possibility of finding novel biomarkers and targets for novel therapeutics. TGF-β is a versatile cytokine and it is a key player in normal development as well as Tumor development. It is a pleotropic cytokine with vari.. View More»

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