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Shu Tang

Shu Tang
Graduate Institute of Tourism Management,
People's Republic of China

  • Research Article
    Face it? Or Avoid it? Traveler’s Cognitions of Tourism Hassles, Responsiveness and Attitude Tendencies
    Author(s): Te-Yi Chang, Shu Tang and Kai-Wen ChengTe-Yi Chang, Shu Tang and Kai-Wen Cheng

    The rapid rise of the tourism industry in Taiwan in recent years has led to tourism hassles owing to differences in cultures and customs. Tourism hassles refer to unpleasant experience in the process of traveling. Through the perspective of Taiwanese outbound travellers, this study explores the negative emotions that may arise in multiple aspects of the tourism process to affect the perception of the tourism hassles, shape the attitude tendencies towards tourism hassles among Taiwanese outbound travellers, and conduce to their responsiveness and revisit intention. This study collected 530 valid questionnaires to analyze the perceptions, responsiveness and attitude tendencies towards tourism hassles among Taiwan’s outbound travellers. The research results find that: (1) Overall, the perceptions of tourism hassles among tourists are consistent; (2) It is verified that different re.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0269.1000360

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