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Shashidhar K

Shashidhar K


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    Effect of Yoga on Oxidative Stress in Elderly Type 2 Diabetes Subjects
    Author(s): Shreelaxmi VH, Prabha A, Shashidhar K, Rajeshwari S and Kalpana AShreelaxmi VH, Prabha A, Shashidhar K, Rajeshwari S and Kalpana A

    Introduction: Aging along with increased oxidative stress has been suggested as contributory factors for initiation and progression of complications in diabetes mellitus. Present study aims to evaluate the effect of 3 month yoga on oxidative stress, BMI, blood pressure and glycaemic status in elderly type 2 diabetes patients. Methods: Yoga was delivered to elderly diabetic (age>60, n=42) and younger diabetes subjects (age<60, n=45) for 3 months. Both groups continued their normal medication and diet. Results: Malondialdehyde showed a positive correlation with age in participants. Antioxidants showed a negative correlation with age and malondialdehyde. Yoga resulted in significant reduction in malondialdehyde, BMI, blood pressure, fasting glucose and improvement in glutathione levels in both groups. Vitamin C and glycosylated haemoglobin showed improvement in younger subjects. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7595.1000258

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