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Selene K. Bantz

Selene K. Bantz


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    The Atopic March: Progression from Atopic Dermatitis to Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma
    Author(s): Selene K. Bantz, Zhou Zhu and Tao ZhengSelene K. Bantz, Zhou Zhu and Tao Zheng

    The development of atopic dermatitis (AD) in infancy and subsequent allergic rhinitis and asthma in later childhood is known as the atopic march. This progressive atopy is dependent on various underlying factors such as the presence of filaggrin mutations as well as the time of onset and severity of AD. Clinical manifestations vary among individuals. Previously it was thought that atopic disorders may be unrelated with sequential development. Recent studies support the idea of a causal link between AD and later onset atopic disorders. These studies suggest that a dysfunctional skin barrier serves as a site for allergic sensitization to antigens and colonization of bacterial superantigens. This induces systemic Th2 immunity that predisposes patients to allergic nasal responses and promotes airway hyperreactivity. While AD often starts early in life and is a chronic condition, new resea.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9899.1000202

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