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Rosália Sá

Rosália Sá
Laboratory of Cell Biology, ICBAS,
UMIB, Rua Jorge Viterbo Ferreira 228, Building 1, Floor 2, Room 03, 4050-313 Porto

  • Review Article
    Aging of the Male Germline: Influence of Advanced Male Age on Reproductive Outcome
    Author(s): Ana Rabaça, Carolina Ferreira and Rosália SáAna Rabaça, Carolina Ferreira and Rosália Sá

    The rise in life expectancy and the desire to establish a stable career prior to parenthood leads couples to a delayed childbearing. Advanced parental age at the time of pregnancy portrays several risks, with the majority of couples above 35 experiencing reproductive impairments. While the effect of women’s age on fertility is well known, the influence of paternal age is less understood. Thus, efforts have been made to comprehend the influence of APA on pregnancy upkeep and disease risk for the offspring. Over the last decades numerous studies aimed to establish the relationship between APA and male fertility potential. It has been found that APA is related to testicular and hormonal alterations, along with a decreased sperm production, quality and DNA integrity. As expected, these alterations compromise the reproductive potential of older men and have been associated with sever.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0250.1000152

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