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Rode Ayu

Rode Ayu
Sustainable Tourism & Research Development, Dwi Nayika Solusindo,
CBD Ciledug Blok A3/9, Ciledug-Tangerang

  • Research Article
    Sustainable Tourism on Semau Island: Ready or not?
    Author(s): Rode AyuRode Ayu

    While community development is globalized highly through small island opportunities worldwide, Semau Island is a natural Island that has great potentials for the development of tourism. Related to sustainability, moving from those early studies about sustainable tourism, it can be stated that, sustainable tourism seeks to minimize negative impacts on the local culture and natural environment while generating benefits for local residents. The community and visitor attraction is closely related. It means that tourism is ready to be developed and sustained on the Island. Besides, the methods provide primary and discussion data about whether or not there is a relation between tourism development and its impacts on local community readiness in a wide range of projects and sectors. The report examines the readiness responses from visitor attractions, community response and linkage o.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0269.1000133

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