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    Chemokine Deregulation in HIV Infection: Role of Interferon Gamma Induced Th1-Chemokine Signaling
    Author(s): Rajeev Mehla, Debjani Guha and Velpandi AyyavooRajeev Mehla, Debjani Guha and Velpandi Ayyavoo

    One of the hallmarks of AIDS is the progressive decline in CD4+ T cells in peripheral blood of HIV-infected individuals. This review focuses on how HIV-1 modulates inflammatory molecules, especially C-X-C chemokine ligand 10 (CXCL10), a Th1-chemoattractant chemokine to establish infection. HIV-infected T-cells, lead by Th1- agonist chemokines, gain access to the LNs where they die upon activation. The resultant T-cell death positively correlates with severe immunodeficiency and deteriorating HIV-1-infected patient’s health. CXCL10 is produced by wide range of cells (macrophages, neutrophils, endothelial cells, and astrocytes) in response to inflammation and attracts T-lymphocytes and NK cells to the site of infection. Increased level of CXCL10 is found in body fluids (Serum, and cerebrospinal fluid) of HIV-1 infected subjects and it correlates with disease severity. Furthermore,.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9899.S7-004

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