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Qihang Qiu

Qihang Qiu

IR Iran

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    Study on the Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Tourist Flow in the Scenic Spots: Taking Golden Weeks as Examples
    Author(s): Qihang Qiu and Tianxiang ZhengQihang Qiu and Tianxiang Zheng

    During the golden week of National Day, large numbers of domestic residents will take a trip simultaneously, which not only leads to the overloading of some 5A scenic spots but also goes against sustainable development of scenic spots. Whether it is necessary to reestablish golden week of May Day has always been discussed during NPC & CPPCC. However, different scholars hold different opinions. This paper will conduct empirical research to study the daily passenger flows during six golden weeks of the 34 scenic spots. By using EXCEL, this study does descriptive statistics of six golden weeks and calculates the weekly skewness index of 33 scenic spots. Meanwhile, SPSS is used to do ANOVA, which will be the basis for the calculation of the skewness index and correlation analysis of the weekly skewness index in different golden weeks. As shown by the results, the peaks of tourist flow.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0269.1000330

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