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Peter Sonksen

Peter Sonksen
St Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College,
United Kingdom

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    The Determination and Regulation of Body Composition in Elite Athletes
    Author(s): Peter SonksenPeter Sonksen

    There is much misunderstanding about the important issues regulating adult body composition in man and in particular elite athletes. History and science have clearly documented the key role played by breeding and inheritance. Spontaneous medical conditions have provided further insight into other important factors through ‘nature’s experiments’ such as isolated growth hormone or testosterone deficiencies or excess. The androgen insensitivity syndrome illustrates the key role of testosterone in utero, in determining the male phenotype. In this condition where a mutation that inactivates the testosterone receptor leads to the birth of a phenotypically ‘normal’ female baby (who matures into a normal but infertile woman) despite having XY chromosomes, testes and a high testosterone level. Misunderstanding of these complex issues has led to the introduction of.. Read More»

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