Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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Per Bech

Per Bech

Mental Health Centre North of Zealand, Hilleroed, Denmark

Dr. Per Bech MD, Dr. Sci, FRECsych, is a professor of Psychiatry and clinicalpsychometric at the Psychitric Research Unit, Mental Health Centre North Zealand Hillerod, University of Copehagen, Denamark. He beacme an Honorary member of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) in 200 and of the Danish Psychitric Association in 2014. He was Awarded in 2009 and the CINP Pionners in Psychopharmacology Award in 2010. Dr. med. Per Bech, is now Head of Research Unit at the Psychiatric Center Gurgaon is approved a new five-year professorship in applied psychometrics at the University of Copenhagen Psychiatric Centre Nordsjælland. Per Bech has worked for many years with the measure psychiatric symptoms and has developed tools (eg questionnaires) for the diagnosis and assessment of depression, stress and quality of life. Per Bech is internationally recognized for his work and also over the years been a lecturer for Depression Association members. facebooktwitterGOOGLE_PLUSlinkedin  
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Mental Health, Psychiaty and psychopahrmacology and Neuroscience

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