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Pamela Rogers Bosch

Pamela Rogers Bosch
Northern Arizona University, Phoenix Biomedical Campus,
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  • Research Article
    Heart Rate Response to Vinyasa Yoga in Healthy Adults
    Author(s): Sarah Shepperson Ward, Noel McCluney and Pamela Rogers BoschSarah Shepperson Ward, Noel McCluney and Pamela Rogers Bosch

    Background: Yoga is a popular exercise, but the heart rate (HR) response to specific styles of yoga is unknown. Primary Study Objective: To determine if vinyasa yoga is an aerobic physical activity based on the HR response of participants. Methods/Design: Observational study using a convenience sample Setting: Exercise room on a university campus Participants: Forty-two adults aged 21-54 years with prior yoga experience completed the yoga session with no adverse events. Equipment malfunction precluded data analysis for 4 participants. Intervention: A 50-minute vinyasa yoga class that included 10 minutes of pre-activity rest, 35 minutes of asanas, and 5 minutes of meditation. Participant HR was recorded continuously during the class. Primary Outcome Measures: Mean HR response and time spent at each intensity level during asanas. Results: The data of 38 participants were analyzed. Mean .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7595.1000139

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