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Niranjan KC

Niranjan KC
SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital,
Dharwad, Karnataka

  • Review Article
    Tumour Biology: p53 Gene Mechanisms
    Author(s): Zulfin Shaikh and Niranjan KCZulfin Shaikh and Niranjan KC

    Tumour is a sum of genetic errors with constantly proliferating cells. Development of cancer requires altered mechanism in just one cell resulting in unlimited replication of that cell. Inspite of several genetic insults that occur there are few cells which turn neoplastic. Thus, suggesting of a very powerful protective mechanism at work. p53, a tumour suppressor gene, is cancer prophylactic for most multicellular organisms and the single most unifying factor in the disease. For most kinds of cancer to develop, p53’s suppressor activities have been disabled. There has been stupendous increase in knowledge on p53, but the pattern has grown much more complicated since then. The article provides an easy overview of p53 biology and different applications of p53 in tumorigenesis... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9899.1000344

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