Journal of Glycobiology

Journal of Glycobiology
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ISSN: 2168-958X

Neil P. J. Price

Neil P. J. Price

National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, 1815 N. University St., Peoria, IL 61604, USA.

Dr. Neil P. J. Price is currently working at United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service (ARS). Author’s significant publications include “The Name of the – ose: An Editorial on Carbohydrate Nomenclature”. Author current research interests include Carbohydrates, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Glycobiology, Analytical Biochemistry, Polysaccharide.
Research Interest
Neil’s research includes carbohydrate analysis, and especially the application of mass spectrometry and NMR to microbial metabolism. Biosynthesis of tunicamycin analogs. Proton-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HXMS). Plant chitnases. Biosynthesis of bacterial and plant call walls.

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