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Muhammad Idrees

Muhammad Idrees


  • Mini Review
    A Survey of the Role of Judiciary in Validating Military and Authoritarian Regimes in Pakistan
    Author(s): Muhammad Idrees and Naushad KhanMuhammad Idrees and Naushad Khan

    Pakistan has faced manifold crises in its seventy years history. But the most fatal of all crises it faced is the failure democratic institutions and the Martial law regimes. At an early phase this country remained under the sway of authoritarian ruler and military dictators. Due to different internal and external factors the military gradually got strong hold of politics in the due course of time. This study aims at sorting out factors behind the failure of civilian rule over time and deepening role of military in politics. Also, a very important research question is answered – why the Judiciary failed to play the role of a true third pillar? It also aims at sorting out the role played by judiciary in validating different unconstitutional, authoritative and emergency acts under the maxim of, the so called “doctrine of necessity”... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2375-4435.1000182

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