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Michael Williams

Michael Williams

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    Sustained Lower Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in West Cumbria, UK
    Author(s): Leon Jonker, Chris Brewer and Michael WilliamsLeon Jonker, Chris Brewer and Michael Williams

    Background: In recent years, incidences of thyroid cancer have increased in developed countries; one of the known risk factors for thyroid cancer is exposure to radioiodine. Previous research by Bowlt and Tiplady [5] has shown an inverse link between radioactive iodine levels contained in thyroid tissue of deceased inhabitants and the distance they lived from the Sellafield nuclear facility in Cumbria, UK. Objectives: The present study aimed to determine what thyroid cancer incidences were in the regional localities in Cumbria for the last decade. Methods: An ethics-approved retrospective cohort study in which age-standardised incidence of thyroid cancer per 100,000 population was compared between localities within Cumbria and with UK average figures. Conclusions: The present study shows .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-7948.1000187

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