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Marlena Hunter

Marlena Hunter
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    Insight on Secondary Brain Injuries from Paramedic Treatment that are 4-Times Likely to Occur Prior to Pre-Hospital Treatment and ER Submissions
    Author(s): Marlena HunterMarlena Hunter

    Inevitably, severe brain injuries occur each year. The most common cause is falls, which have become increasingly common as a source of severe traumatic brain injury. According to a Canadian report, falls account for approximately 40% of both overall trauma and injury-related deaths. According to statistics, there are additional brain injuries that can increase the risk of desaturation associated with intubation. The purpose of this study is to propose new and fast regulations that can be used or implemented by the First Response Team (FRT) in the prehospital setting. The amount of ER patients with head trauma or TBI and the results of aftercare have shown a gap that can be reduced with the percentage of brain damage after initial service from the FRT, even with ventilated patients, by carefully monitoring end-tidal CO2 and preventing hyperventilation. In conclusion, It is important f.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9857.1000181

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