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Maria Voznesensky

Maria Voznesensky
Maine Medical Partners Urology, 100 Brickhill Avenue South Portland,
ME 04106

  • Research Article
    Prospective Assessment of Urologic Consultations at a Tertiary Care Referral Center
    Author(s): Maria VoznesenskyMaria Voznesensky

    Urologic consultation is an essential service provided by urology divisions. We examined urology call coverage diagnoses, acuity and management at an academic tertiary care referral center. Data was prospectively collected for all urologic consultations over a 3 month period. Patient age, consultation location, diagnosis, level of acuity, encounter time, and management was recorded. Eight attending physicians, three residents and one physician assistant provided coverage. 869 telephone encounters were documented, and 857 had analyzable data. Average age was 60.1 years. There were 85 pediatric calls (10%). Urgent encounters involved 19% of patients; 81% were considered elective. Stones, infection and urinary retention were the most common diagnoses. 93% of encounters involved patients from our institution or the urology faculty practice. Of 857 encounters, 180 (21%) required patient co.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9857.1000120

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