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M Masukume

M Masukume

Pretoria, Private bag X680 Pretoria 0001
South Africa

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    Processing of Barium Sulphide to Barium Carbonate and Sulphur
    Author(s): M Masukume, J P Maree, S Ruto and H JoubertM Masukume, J P Maree, S Ruto and H Joubert

    Gauteng Province, South Africa will have a shortfall of 400 ML/d of fresh water by 2014. This shortfall can be made up either by purchasing additional expensive water from the Lesotho Highlands Scheme or by; treating acid mine water. The CSIR ABC (alkalibarium-carbonate) Process is a most cost-effective process as the sludge produced is processed back to the process raw materials and valuable by-products, such as sulphur. Coal is the main material used in processing the sludge. The chemical processing of barium sulphide into barium carbonate and elemental sulphur has been demonstrated on a pilot scale in batch mode. The barium sulphide was reacted with carbon dioxide at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure to produce BaCO3 and H2S. The H2S generated, was contacted and oxidized with ferric iron solution to form elemental sulphur. Over 80% of the barium reacted during th.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000157

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