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Louis N

Louis N

South Africa

  • Review Article
    Discrimination and Oppression of Women: A Social Work Exploration in Zimbabwe
    Author(s): Dickson M and Louis NDickson M and Louis N

    Women have always been known as the essence of the society; however their discrimination and oppression have narrowed or limited their proficiencies and aptitudes. It is this work’s contention to do an exploration on the tyranny and discrimination of women with precise orientation on Zimbabwe. Women have faced discrimination throughout the millenniums and are still facing the same forms of neglect. The paper holds that oppression of women emanates from different angles namely cultural, religious, social, marital and patriarchal as a nature of society. There seems to be a huge metamorphosis between women and men in the Zimbabwean society considering the responsibilities dispensed to women at the expense of men such as housekeeping and rearing of children. There are some top or influential positions only reserved for men hence the discrimination of women in regardless of gender eq.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2375-4435.18.6.185

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