Clinical & Experimental Cardiology

Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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LMG van de Watering

LMG van de Watering

 Academic Staff Member, Department of Transfusion Medicine ; Senior Scientist at the Dutch Blood Transfusion Service Sanguin 

 2011-present Vox Sanquins, editorial board 2010-present Scientific Member BEST collaborative (www-link)– Clinical Studies team 2006-2010 Associate Scientific Member BEST collaborative – Clinical Studies team 2004-present Senior-investigator at Dept Clinical Transfusion Research, Sanquin Research 2001-present Member of hospital blood transfusion committees 2001-2004 Clinical investigator, Sanquin Blood Bank South West Region 1998-2001Clinical investigator, Blood Bank Leiden - Haaglanden 1995-1998 Clinical investigator, Blood Bank Leidsenhage 1994-present LUMC, Dept ImmunoHematology and Blood transfusion (0-uren contract) 1991-1995 Clinical trial coordinator, Blood Bank Leiden 1990-1994 Research-physician, LUMC, Dept. Surgery 1989-1991 Researcher/physician, study into factors influencing the stability of oral anticoagulant therapy, Thrombosis Services, the Hague (SRTG e.o.)
Research Interest


  • Clinical research methodology
  • Evidence based medicine and (adverse) effects of blood component transfusions
  • Leukocyte depletion and storage (time) of blood products

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