Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology

Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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Leila J Jackson

Leila J Jackson

Research Assistant Professor Director of Translational Research, Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center Department of Neurology University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

 LEILA J. JACKSON is a Assistant Research Professor and Director of Translational Research for the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center, Department of Neurology, University of Colorado, Denver, CO (2012- Present) Discovering mechanisms of action of current and future therapeutics utilizing patient samples from various neuroimmunological disorders. Developing novel animal models of EAE to further our understanding of immune cell function in multiple sclerosis, Utilizing patient samples to further our understand of the mechanisms involved in neuroimmunological diseases Postdoctoral Scientist, Array BioPharma, Boulder, CO (2008-present)  Discovered novel role for PIM kinases in immune cells - Using small molecule inhibitors identified a role for PIM kinases in the regulation of B and T cell activation, differentiation and effector function. - Collaborated with PIM team members and external collaborators to translate in vitro findings to efficacy models - Presented data at team meetings and quarterly review meetings , Defined differential effects of highly selective small molecule inhibitors of p38 and MEK kinases in dendritic cells, macrophage TLR responses and T cell activation and differentiation. Contributed to understanding the mechanisms of neurological inflammatory pain - Revealed mechanisms of inflammatory pain by understanding the potential of monocytes, mast cells, and B lymphocytes to induce neurite outgrowth of neuronal cell lines or primary neurons using ex vivo rat dorsal root ganglion cultures .Executed new target discovery by reviewing, presenting, and validating novel targets for inflammatory diseases
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 Allergology, Clinical Immunology

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