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Lee KY

Lee KY

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    Examining Lower Limb Injuries among Male Amateur Soccer Player
    Author(s): Lam MHS, Tung K, Man DP, Lee KY, Lei Y, Flint SW and Peake DLam MHS, Tung K, Man DP, Lee KY, Lei Y, Flint SW and Peake D

    Amateur players far outnumbered professional athletes, but they are often under shadowed in literatures. Unlike professional athletes, amateur players may not possess the resources, knowledge or guidance in treating sports injuries. Soccer is one of the popular sports with fewer literatures addressing amateur players. Quantitative method was used for data collection and analysis. The practical contribution of this study lies in terms of the exploring of risks factors leading to lower limb injuries, most common type and area of injuries faced by amateur soccer players in contrast with professional players. Preventive measures were also discussed. The implications of these findings are valuable to coaches, physical therapists and governments for understanding amateur players and arouse public awareness on health and safety. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7595.1000264

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