Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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ISSN: 2167-1044

Kirsten McEwan

Kirsten McEwan

Mental Health Research Unit,  Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, UK

 Dr Kirsten McEwen is a Fellow at Imperial College London investigating molecular mechanisms of disease. Kirsten’s research is focused on the transcriptional and epigenetic processes in pluripotent stem cells, with application to haploinsufficient disease. She was awarded an Imperial Junior Research Fellowship in 2015 to establish her laboratory in the Department of Life Sciences. Dr McEwen previously worked as a Career Development Fellow at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, part of the Institute of Clinical Science at Imperial College London. Her research investigated the molecular characteristics of pluripotency, comparing two growth conditions as a model for investigating transcriptional and epigenetic processes of pluripotency. She holds a PhD in stem cell epigenetics from the University of Cambridge, focused on genomic imprinting. Dr McEwen’s expertise in gene dosage and regulation is applied to understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease. See the research and publications section for further details of current work.
Research Interest

 Psychotherapy, Depression, Depression and aging, Mental Depression, Mindfullness Based Therapy

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