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Khaled Gharib

Khaled Gharib
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    Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Color Doppler Sonography for Evaluation of Azoospermic Patients
    Author(s): Mohamed H Khater and Khaled GharibMohamed H Khater and Khaled Gharib

    Azoospermia is defined as the absence of spermatozoa in the semen. If no spermatozoa are observed in the wet preparation, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an examination of the centrifuged sample (3000 X g or greater for 15 minutes). Approximately 1% of all men in the general population suffer from azoospermia, and azoospermic men constitute approximately 10 to 15% of all infertile men. This work aims to investigate whether color Doppler ultrasound can detect active spermatogenic foci within azoospermic testis or not. Also to evaluate the technique of FNAC as an alternative method for qualitative and quantitative analysis compared with open testicular histopathology. This work was carried out on 150 patients, complaining of infertility for at least one year. In conclusion, the results of this study demonstrate that color Doppler sonography represent promising methods for.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9857.1000151

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