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Kangla Tsung

Kangla Tsung

Stanford, California

  • Review
    The Effect of Immunology on Surgical Outcome: an Observational Hypothesis
    Author(s): Kangla Tsung and Jeffrey A NortonKangla Tsung and Jeffrey A Norton

    Surgery is the oldest and still is the most effective way to eradicate solid tumors. Yet the actual mechanisms behind successful or failed surgery in cancer management remain obscure. Two seemingly identical cases subjected to similar surgery procedure may turn out with totally opposite outcomes with one cured and the other ended with explosive recurrence and rapid death. Such are scenarios in the past that prevented surgeons from even attempting to treat tumors of late stage cancers. Are there any hidden explanations or it is just the unpredictable nature of cancer? This article attempts to provide a comprehensive analysis on this issue from immunological point of view. The explanations and the hypothesis behind remain to be tested, but first we need to recognize the need to do so. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/1745-7580.1000147

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