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Organic Chemistry: Current Research
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Kadhim AJ

Kadhim AJ


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    Preparation and Diagnosis of New Azo-Barbiturate Dyes
    Author(s): Kazim AC and Kadhim AJKazim AC and Kadhim AJ

    The research includes the preparation of new azo-barbiturate dyes derived from schiff bases and repellency bases by means of double-reaction of repellant bases with different phenolic compounds. These compounds were diagnosed using infrared techniques, ultraviolet-visible radiation, NMR proton and thin layer chromatography. All barbiturate dyes had absorption between (273-310) nm and showed hypsochromic shift from the corresponding azo dyes. The crystal structures of barbiturate dyes indicated that barbiturate ring is sterically hindered by phenol rings... Read More»

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