Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology

Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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Julian A. Barden

Julian A. Barden

Director of Research, Biosceptre International Ltd, Julius Ave, Australia

Dr. Julian A. Barden, BSc (Hons) PhD (Macq) serves as Director of Research at Biosceptre International Limited. Dr. Barden has over 30 years experience working on protein structure analyses, molecular modelling, protein function studies and antibody design in several areas. These include the molecular mechanism of muscle contraction, actin structure and function, calcium regulating hormones, purinergic receptor structure and function and the development of cancer diagnostics and lead cancer immunotherapeutic molecules. Dr. Barden has authored 150 international papers, eight patent families and has presented over 200 papers at national and international scientific meetings. Dr. Barden is a Protein Structure Specialist.
Research Interest

Clinical Immunology, Cellular Immunology , Cancer

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