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José Luís Pimentel do Rosário

José Luís Pimentel do Rosário
Assistant Professor, State University of the West-Center-UNICENTRO,
Rua Padre Chagas apto 4290 22-Central Guarapuava-PR

  • Research Article
    Efficiency of Modified Yoga Positions to Treat Postural Pathologies Associated Pain: A Literature Review
    Author(s): José Luís Pimentel do RosárioJosé Luís Pimentel do Rosário

    Many musculoskeletal pains are related to poor posture. According to a number of authors, poor posture predisposes an individual to severe joint stress and increases muscle energy expenditure, thereby creating tensional stress in these structures. Muscular Chain Therapy (MCT) is a technique that uses modified yoga positions to treat postural pathologies, among others, fitting these yoga positions into the Mézières concept of muscular chains. The body works as a whole chain and these chains can be subdivided into the following: Posterior Chain; Inspiratory Chain; Hip Adductor Chain; Arm Internal Rotator Chain; Arm Adductor Chain and Arm Elevator-Abductor Chain. The aim of the present study was to review Muscular Chain Therapy assessment and treatment, and how it works in terms of treating postural deviations and related musculoskeletal pain. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7595.1000128

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