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Journal of Oceanography and Marine Research
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Jenna Testa

Jenna Testa
Global Field Program, Project Dragonfly,
Oxford, OH, 45056

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    The Effects of Participatory Beach Clean-ups on Attitude and Awareness towards Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at the Destin Jetties
    Author(s): Jenna TestaJenna Testa

    Today, with ocean pollution on the rise, many are looking for ways to mitigate pollution while increasing awareness on ocean health and anthropogenic influence on marine life. Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast provides a unique study area to this topic. This study sought to understand the effects of a participatory beach cleanup on the participants’ attitude and awareness toward marine biodiversity and conservation of the East Jetties in Destin, Florida. This pilot research surveyed beach cleanup participants and non-participants at the study site, about the public’s knowledge on marine biodiversity, anthropogenic influence, and conservation behaviors at the East Jetties location. This revealed differences between the beliefs of cleanup participants versus non-cleanup participants, specifically that cleanup participants had a greater understanding of the biodiversity.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2572-3103.1000187

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