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Itai Ivtzan

Itai Ivtzan

Department of Psychology University of East London, UK

Dr Itai Ivtzan is committed to highest standard of excellence at Department of Psychology, University of East London (UEL) in UK. He has worked for more than 15 years in the related field and gained a plethora of knowledge in related field. His international experience includes various programs, contributions to reputed journals and participation in different international conferences in diverse fields of study.  
Research Interest

My current research focuses on positive psychology. More specifically, my research aims to investigate positive psychology concepts in a way that would help us understand their combined potential in enhancing wellbeing. As part of my research I study mindfulness, eudaimonic happiness, meaning in life, and self-actualisation. In my research I raise questions involving these issues and focus on the factors that are capable of enhancing or weakening our ability to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. These factors include: • The relationship between religion/spirituality and wellbeing • Cultural influences on wellbeing • Mindfulness and its impact on the self-concept • Gender effects on wellbeing • Empathy and wellbeing • Developmental aspects of self-actualisation As part of my research I have been devising, with Dr Kate Hefferon, a positive psychology intervention program for cancer patients. Following our combined research we have identified six interventions (including, for example, Meaning, Mindfulness, and Physical activity) to support cancer patients in remission. Our work won the UEL Research Development Fund (RDF) ($10,000). The grant supports the writing of an application for a large scale grant ($900,000) for a positive psychology resilience program for cancer patients, to be submitted to the BCC (Breast Cancer Campaign) at the end of 2013. I have been made Honorary Senior Research Associate in the prestigious UCL, where I collaborate with other colleagues in the research and supervision of positive psychology studies. Many of my papers have been published in high quality peer reviewed journals. I am deeply engaged in and committed to high quality research, and expect my publication record to steadily grow as my work progresses. I have also presented my research in various international conferences. Finally, I am the associate editor of the “International Journal of Psychological Studies”.

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